Researching The BLE Based Mostly Intelligent Lighting Control System

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A number of main lighting companies for example NXP and Philips work in a mission to discover the following era intelligent lighting system. One innovation of the project is utilizing a distributed structure to replace present centralized system to extend robustness and extensibility. As a core component of wireless lighting control system, there are numerous wireless communication protocols may be utilized in distributed system. We select BLE protocol which is a new wireless communication protocol as the communication protocol of distributed system to do analysis as a result of BLE has a huge potential in low power consumption. Nevertheless, there exist some issues in BLE based distributed lighting control system. One of these problems is a commissioning drawback. The commissioning problem we provide you with is that a constrained device (no display screen) router, can not show a scanning list of BLE based lamps. This prevents specific BLE based mostly lamps which user want to remotely management, from securely becoming a member of in the existing entry point (router). The primary goal of this thesis is to solve the commissioning drawback in a BLE based intelligent lighting control system to make BLE develop into an appropriate candidate on this field. An revolutionary answer, developed on standardized BLE protocol, which is used for overcoming the commissioning downside via utilizing modified BLE protocol in a smartphone. The modified BLE protocol is a utility protocol. With the modified BLE protocol stack, a 3rd gadget which is a Commissioning Software(smartphone) can securely instruct specific BLE primarily based lamps to router. As part of this thesis, a demo was arrange and the solution to the commissioning downside has been examined on this system. Results proved that the solution was valid to resolve the commissioning downside of BLE based intelligent lighting control system.

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